Clio Gem

Clio Cloud
Conference 2016

September 19 & 20, Radisson Blu Chicago

Not your average legal tech conference.


2015 brought together...

600 Lawyers

30 Speakers

2 Days of Law, Business, and Tech

You need to be here.

The Clio Cloud Conference brings together the best and brightest from the legal, business, and technology worlds for one of the industry’s top conferences. Here's why you shouldn't miss Clio Cloud Conference 2016.

10 reasons to attend

Clio had a high bar to reach with this year’s conference. That’s their own fault, because they set the bar for themselves with last year’s conference. I called last year’s one of the best legal technology conferences I’d ever attended. This year, it was déjà vu all over again. - Bob Ambrogi, Law Sites Blog

Attendees were past the point of mulling over the problems and uncertainty with the legal profession. It was like the tide rolled out revealing a paradigm of yep… we are here, but that’s where we’re going. It seemed that the time for asking questions and making calculations was giving way to action.- Laurence Colletti, Legal Talk Network

Legal technology upstart @goclio may now be putting on best conference anywhere and it's attended by small law. Disruption? #cliocloud9- Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Publisher at LexBlog Inc.