Earn CLE and CPD credits at the Clio Cloud Conference

Being a lawyer means keeping up with the latest changes in laws, practice management, and technology. Your clients, courts, and bar associations expect you to know it all. In 2020, we partnered with the ABA to seek eligibility for CLE and CPD credits to lawyers with licenses to practice in the United States and Canada who join live sessions at the conference.

Develop your skills—personally and professionally

The conference was filled with educational talks, training sessions, and actionable insights on how to stay agile while navigating the times ahead. You had the opportunity to connect with speakers, discuss insights in real-time through AMAs and intimate roundtables–all while fulfilling your CLE and CPD requirements. It’s important to us that you get the most out of the Clio Cloud Conference. Please note each year the number of CLE and CPD hours we are approved for vary based on the conference sessions and agenda. This year’s Conference Agenda indicates which sessions may be CLE eligible with an asterisk in the session title and details in the session description.

We anticipate that registered conference attendees who joined the event for the live, originally broadcast sessions may be eligible for up to 6 hours depending on your state or province.

To be eligible for the CLE or CPD credits Clio is seeking, attendees must have:

  1.  Attended and watched an entire eligible session when it aired during the conference. (In order for eligibility to be possible, you must have attended the live, originally broadcast session.)
  2. Taken note of the unique code that was shared during each presentation, and kept it somewhere for easy reference later and submission post-event.
  3. Completed the post-event CLE/CPD survey and entered the correct codes for the sessions you attended live. This is a requirement and must be completed for your eligibility.

As of October 19, 2020, all registered attendees received an email with a link to a post-event CLE/CPD application to report and evaluate their live attendance.

After you have completed the CLE/CPD survey and your information has been verified as accurate, you will receive an email from the ABA to complete your CLE affidavit and receive your certificate(s) of attendance. We are working to secure accreditation across the USA and Canada with the assistance of the American Bar Association.

Note that this process can take up to 10 weeks depending on your jurisdiction, and factoring in COVID-19 related delays. As always, credit hours are estimated and are subject to each jurisdiction’s approval and credit rounding rules.

Questions? Reach out to us at conference@clio.com.