Clio Cloud Access Grant

We’re committed to eliminating barriers and improving access to the Clio Cloud Conference. To honor that, we launched the Clio Cloud Access Grant to increase community inclusion at our 2020 event, and make conference attendance feasible for those who otherwise would not have had the means to attend.

We recognize that members of the legal community can’t always take advantage of opportunities like the Clio Cloud Conference. With the Clio Cloud Access Grant, we were able to support equal access to legal education for hundreds of applicants in 2020.

Our purpose

Clio’s mission is to transform the practice of law, for good—and we believe that fostering a culture of equity and inclusion is a big part of that.

While we want to shape the future of legal when it comes to technology, we also aim to create a future that includes, values, and respects all people. We can start by hosting a conference that removes obstacles for underrepresented groups who want to attend.

Who’s eligible and what’s included?

Who’s eligible?

To be considered for the grant, we welcome members of underrepresented groups within the legal community, as well as those who may not have the means to purchase a pass this year. Including but not limited to: law students or new graduates just starting their careers, legal communities whose members are from minority groups, and those who work for nonprofits, or educational institutions with limited resources.

We encourage you to share this program widely, in hopes that people who want to attend the Clio Cloud Conference can access and benefit from it.

Clio Con Access Grant
Clio Con Access Grant
What’s included?

This grant includes one standard virtual conference pass, and access to all sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Attendees will get to connect with thousands of forward-thinking legal professionals, gain practice-changing insights to help you navigate the times ahead, and take part in creating the next chapter in the future of law.

We welcome your questions and feedback!

If you’d like to help us build a more diverse and inclusive conference, we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and questions. Let us know if you have any suggestions for speakers, activities, session topics, and more. Reach us at

Clio’s financial aid policy provides fee waivers for unemployed attorneys and fee reductions on a sliding scale for attorneys with annual incomes of $50,000 USD or less.