Announcing this year's first keynote,
Seth Godin

New York Times best selling author
Business and marketing visionary

The man behind the glasses

There’s perhaps no one better at thinking ahead of the curve than bestselling author, marketing innovator, and inspirational speaker Seth Godin, our first Keynote Speaker for the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference. At the conference, Seth will share his powerful message for legal professionals, helping you be more effective in your practice and your life.


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Seth in a nutshell

  • One of the most brilliant marketing and business experts in the world
  • New York Times bestselling author of 19 books
  • Founder of multiple successful companies
  • Creator of one of the world’s most popular blogs

Photo by Brian Bloom

Legal through Seth’s lenses

Known as ‘the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age,’ Seth Godin helps millions of people run more successful businesses in the digital era.

At the conference, Seth will share his unique knowledge to help you reimagine your practice in 2020 and beyond. He will speak in-depth about the issues legal professionals face when managing and growing their firms, what the future of the industry will look like, and how lawyers must adapt in order to succeed.

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.

Seth Godin

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