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Then come join us at the 11th Clio Cloud Conference! Learn all about Clio’s APIs, rub elbows with other brilliant legal technology developers, and network with thousands of legal professionals. Together, we’ll brainstorm the next groundbreaking legal tech innovations that will change the game for our industry.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect, learn, and grow!

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What to expect

Get ready to geek out with us! Our sessions will be chock-full of exciting opportunities to build on Clio’s API, including sharing cutting-edge features of the developer platform, and mastering the art of effective customer research. You’ll have the chance to gain priceless insights from Clio’s all-star team of developers, product and design wizards, and fearless leaders. Plus, with plenty of chances to connect and network with other attendees, you’ll be sure to leave with new ideas, new friends, and a whole new level of legal tech expertise.

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Level up your developer tool kit

Attend sessions and learn about features of Clio’s API that enable you to build deep integrations and valuable apps for legal professions

Meet other fellow legal tech developers

Network with fellow developers and designers, including members of Clio’s R&D team, to compare notes on building in legaltech, discuss solutions, and brainstorm ideas.

Learn from legal professionals

Thousands of lawyers and legal professions attend ClioCon every year, making this a great opportunity for research and networking. Gain insights into how technology can empower the legal industry and where your next great idea fits in.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the agenda for developers launching? Soon!

The full agenda for the developer track will be announced soon — stay tuned and we’ll update this page once it’s available!

Do you offer flight and hotel discounts?

Yes you can check them out on our site here.

Where can I find the time/agenda for the Clio Cloud Conference schedule?

Check out our agenda page here.