Top ClioCon Sessions for Small Firm Lawyers

As a growing law firm, you face unique challenges every day, from balancing your caseload to managing your finances, and keeping your team in tune to your firm goals. The Clio Cloud Conference is here to support law firms like yours.

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What brings thousands of legal professionals together each year at ClioCon? Learn directly from lawyers and legal professionals who’ve joined before.

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Popular Sessions for Solo Lawyers

We’re proud to say that every session on this year’s agenda has been requested by a past attendee (if you’re curious, you can check out the full agenda). Here’s a sneak peek at some of the main sessions small firm lawyers like you are excited to join this year.

Legal Accounting Made Easier

Law firm accounting can be a puzzle: there are a lot of pieces that need to be put in place in the right way.

If you’re tired of toggling between systems, transcribing physical documents into digital ones, or always feeling like you’re triple-checking data entry (only to find errors), then this session is for you.

In this workshop, learn how to:

  • Work with our team to set up your Clio account to handle accounting in the way that best suits your firm’s needs
  • Track and separate accounting transactions seamlessly and in real-time
  • Set up new clients to automatically deposit funds in the appropriate matter

If you’re ready to master the nuances of your firm’s unique accounting needs then this workshop is a must attend. Clio’s team will be on hand to set you up for success!

We look forward to the networking opportunities! Meeting new people opens so many doors that would otherwise be left closed.

Jason Ramsland

Ramsland Law

Dark Social – How to Turn Your Community Into an Eager Referral Source

If you think dark social means changing your screen color to “night mode” then this session is for you. Dark social refers to the sharing of online content through private, non-trackable channels such as messaging apps, email, and closed social media groups. While it can account for a significant source of web traffic, it’s incredibly difficult to measure.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Leverage dark social to amplify your authority and trust
  • Create a referral pipeline through private and non-trackable channels
  • Associate quality and value to the effort invested and leads attributed to dark social

By the end of this session, you’ll know how to encourage testimonials and create a whole new referral program through channels your clients are already using!

I attend ClioCon to learn from this great pool of folks who are so willing to give and share, so I don’t have to recreate the wheel. And then I want to pay it forward wherever I can.

Tracey A. Ingle

Ingle Law, P.C.

Applying 2023 LTR insights to your firm

So you read the Legal Trends Report…now what?

This workshop will help you turn those insights into an action plan for your firm.

In this workshop, learn how to:

  • Deliver on evolving client needs (without hitting burnout)
  • Increase productivity and scalability in your practice
  • Create a 90-day roadmap for implementation

This is where rubber meets the road and you turn stats into success. Talk about being data-driven!

The range of speakers, the content of the presentations, Jack’s keynote speech—all of it is an amazing way to stay up to date on what is happening in the legal field.

Linda Silveria

Law Offices of Linda Silveria

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn CLE Credits at ClioCon?

Yes. Each year we seek eligibility for CLE and CPD credits for lawyers licensed to practice in the United States and Canada who join conference sessions live. The agenda will indicate the sessions for which the conference team is seeking CLE and CPD credits. If you have additional questions, please email to

When and where will ClioCon be held?

This year ClioCon is returning to Nashville, TN October 9-10, 2023. ClioCon will be hosted at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Centre.

Are there any special group rates?

Yes! Anyone looking to purchase 3 or more passes is eligible to purchase the Team Pass.

Is there a discount for the Gaylord Resort and Convention Centre?

Yes! We encourage you to stay at the Gaylord to make the most out of your ClioCon experience. Room rates start at $221 (plus resort fees and taxes) a night. Book here.