Introducing: Robert Cialdini

Learn the secrets to successful negotiation and leadership from ClioCon Keynote Speaker, NYT’s bestselling author, and expert on influence Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Priya Parker

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Learn the science of persuasion, from New York Times’ bestselling author, Dr. Robert Cialdini. As a world-renowned expert on ethical influence, negotiation, and leadership who’s been featured on CNN, ABC News and NPR, there is no greater expert to teach us how to advance one of the most important life skills there is.

When we learn how to ethically persuade others, we can work together more effectively. We can also help others make better choices. Persuasion, unlike an art, is a science and can be taught.  Learning how to ethically persuade others can be life-changing!

See Robert In Action

Dr. Robert Cialdini delivers engaging, interactive keynote speeches, is a trusted expert for media appearances on ethical influence, persuasion, and other business topics, and has earned several awards for pioneering the science of influence. Check out some highlights from his distinguished career.